Vegan Collars

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Vegan Little Kitten Collar

Vegan Friendly Little Kitten Collar in pale pink with glittery text and matching bell

Spiked Martingale Collar

Alternating small and large spikes on a vegan base

Double Dragon Claw and Cone Spike Collar

Double Dragon Claw & Long Spikes

Vegan Martingale Collar with Heart Lock

Vegan friendly Martingale collar with heart padlock. Choose colour and neck size!

Dragon Claw Vegan Collar

You can change the direction of the claws!

Spiked Collar - Large Spikes

Large Spikes

Vegan Sequin Bow Collar - Choose Colour Combination!

Vegan Friendly Biothane with a cute sequin filled shaker bow at the front

Choose Colour!
Two Colour Heart Collar
Two Colour Heart Collar

Choose which two colours you'd like!

Vegan Black Biothane Collar with Moon

Vegan Friendly Moon Collar

Vegan Mint Moon Collar

Vegan Friendly Mint green Biothane collar

Vegan Black Collar

Vegan Friendly Black Biothane Collar

Vegan Lavender Pink Collar

Vegan Friendly Biothane collar in Lavender Pink

Vegan Purple Biothane Collar

Purple Vegan Friendly Biothane Collar - Made to your size!

Choose Colour!
Small Spikes Vegan Collar
Small Spikes Vegan Collar

With Silver Mini Spikes