Dark Romance

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Moon Phase Matching Bondage Set

Celestial Leather Bondage Set

Suede Padded Moon Phase Collar

Suede Lined and Hand Stitched

Moon Phase collar and Leash Set

Moon Phase Leather Collar and Lead Set

Starry Night Vegan Dress Belt

Diamante Stars and Mirror Moon on Vegan friendly Biothane

Black Vegan Matching Set

Matte Black Bondage Set

Leather Pony Ears Harness

Leather Pony Head Harness

Leather Moon Phase Collar

Leather Moon Phase collar handmade to your size!

Matching Sequin Bow Collar & Leash Set Black

Vegan Friendly Black and Purple Sequin Collar and Leash Set

Double Dragon Claw and Cone Spike Collar

Double Dragon Claw & Long Spikes

Gothic Tribal - Choose Pattern Colour!

Choose Pattern Colour!

Dragon Claw Vegan Collar

You can change the direction of the claws!

Crystal Heart Waist / Underbust Belt

Made to any waist size

Vegan Black Biothane Collar with Moon

Vegan Friendly Moon Collar

Vegan Black Collar

Vegan Friendly Black Biothane Collar

Black Vegan Lead / Leash with Clear Crystals

Vegan leash with sparkly Crystals

Black Holo Chain Lead / Leash
Black Holo Chain Lead / Leash

Black Leather Holo

Matte Black Chain Leash / Lead
Matte Black Chain Leash / Lead

Vegan Friendly Matte Black

Matte Black Leather Lead / Leash

Leather Leash

Mini Spiked Bracelet

Mini Vegan Spiked Bracelet