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Aurelius - Black with spikes

Aurelius - Black with spikes
 Aurelius - Black with spikesAurelius - Black with spikes 
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Brand:  Ceremony Leather Handmade


This unique collar is made with a genuine leather base which have each been hand cut and embossed with a beautiful regal pattern.  Natural breathable leather makes this comfortable and cool to wear. please allow 2-4 weeks to make your collar! 


How to wear:

loosely put the collar on, low like a necklace. Adjust the riveted joints on the collar until it is sitting just right (low on your neck on your collarbone) then adjust the strap at the back. 

Alternatively, if you would like to wear it high on the neck, simply straighten the collar out and then fasten as normal. 



the smallest this collar will adjust to is 14", however because this collar is worn low on the neck, you will wear this at between 1-2" more than your natural neck size. the largest hole on the collar is at the 18" mark. leave me a note at the checkout if you need a larger size. 

if you have a small neck size, you may wish to trim any excess strap with some sharp scissors. ALWAYS trim less than what you can always trim more but you can't put it back so be cautious!!




As with all leather products please avoid too much water and remove before swimming or bathing.  If it has a holographic/metalic layer, gently clean with a baby wipe or microfibre cloth. Although tug proof, please treat this item as you would any other piece of costume jewellry. 

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